The V8 Autogas & AC Stag Partnership

Official AC Stag Workshop

We are one of the United Kingdom's first partner workshops with AC STAG PL in Great Britain, and therefore all installations installed with us are guaranteed in all STAG partner workshops throughout Europe.

We assemble and service LPG installations for all petrol engines. We have experience in LPG assembly since 1997 at Auto Mix Skrzyszow, the largest LPG Autogas company in Poland, which has a service record of over 40,000 converted cars.

We also provide maintenance services for cars with installations that were not installed with us.

AC Stag

AC Stag is a leader in Poland and a world-renowned manufacturer of modern LPG and CNG Autogas systems of the STAG brand for petrol and Diesel engines.

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, the company has become the largest manufacturer of Autogas systems in Poland. Over 60% of the revenues come from export.

AC Stag is also a producer of high-quality electronic components and electrical harnesses for the automotive and household appliance industries, including kits for towing hooks and electrical harnesses for electrical vehicles in Western Europe.