Here at V8 Autogas, we take great care to maintain and build our reputation for excellence. All except one of our customers say that the service they have received has been exemplary. This person has unfairly left very bad reviews under various false names for us on Trustpilot, and Google

Trustpilot & removed the bad reviews after they considered our response. However, the Google reviews will likely remain, and we would rather concentrate on providing all our customers with great service, than spend time on 'Mr. Wiercigroch'.

So we have set out here our response to his complaint. Every time 'Mr. Wiercigroch' or any aliases posts a bad review, we will link it to this page. 

We wish to make clear that we wish 'Mr. Wiercigroch' no ill will, and respectfully suggest that he reads this article.

Just one more thing.. By unfairly leaving bad reviews, Mr. Wiercigroch will actually improve our search engine ranking, so more people will visit our website, read what people genuinely think of our service, and our business will grow accordingly. Thanks Mr. Wiercigroch!

Our Response:

This complaint is about the installation of a replacement diesel engine. The car had 190,000 miles on the clock and had a value of £600 when Mr. Wiercigroch brought the car to us.  

The replacement engine came from a scrap yard, which did not issue a receipt. Mr. Wiercigroch did not want to spend more money on a better engine because the value of the repair exceeded the value of the car. We informed Mr. Wiercigroch that we would try to repair the car by January 18 2019, but added that, with such repairs there is always a risk that the work will take longer than estimated.

Under the circumstances, we could not give an exact date when the car would be ready. However, while we were attending to the repairs, Mr. Wiercigroch informed us that he was going on holiday and bought a ferry ticket, and began to pressure us about when the car would be ready. 

We informed him about the issues with old wires, plastic connections, thermostat, cooling pipes, etc., etc., but he insisted in picking up the car in that condition.  On January 19, Mr. Wiercigroch returned because the car was leaking, so we tried to locate the problem.  Mr. Wiercigroch said that reassembling the car probably caused a problem.  He got a second set of injectors and other expensive parts from us, for which he did not pay, and said that he would replace it himself because he was in a hurry.

He never returned for the old engine, which is still in our workshop, and did not pay the rest of the money he owed.  We were not given the chance to locate the problem because time pressure still existed because Mr. Wiercigroch was going on holiday.

Mr. Wiercigroch did not pay the full amount for the repair, and still owes £70. And then he took us to court, which we feel was entirely unjustified. We lost the case because the court documents were addressed to an empty unit and only discovered over nine months later when another business took on that unit. We did receive messages on WhatsApp from Mr. Wiercigroch, but we did not think that he would take such steps, because we had been very clear with him and made sure he was aware that many things needed to be repaired. We thought Mr. Wiercigroch would realise that we were being entirely fair and reasonable, and behave in a like manner.

We would like to point out that this complaint is the ONLY complaint anyone has made about our work. We are completely dedicated to delivering high quality work and it is not in our character to do less than our best for our customers. 

Additionally, AC Stag, for whom we are official installers, are entirely happy with our standard of work, otherwise we could not continue our dealership. We would also like to point out that the work did not relate in any way to any LPG conversion, service or repair.

Dariusz Kopec

V8 Autogas Manager