Why LPG is good for your pocket:

RAC Fuel Watch data very unsurprisingly shows that petrol and diesel prices continue to rise, like almost everything else in life. However, while cars are unlikely to be more fuel-efficient when running on LPG, you could still save about 40% on your fuel bills by investing in an LPG conversion.

Of course, the cost of investing in an LPG system should be compared with all the costs of running vehicles with other fuel types. There's a very interesting article on the Money Supermarket website called 'The True Cost Of Driving Green'. While it doesn't actually include LPG in it's calculations, it does show the comparative costs between owning and running petrol, diesel and electric vehicles. Electric cars are the most expensive, diesel come in second, and petrol are the cheapest engined car to buy. If you then add in the much lower fuel cost of LPG, it doesn't take much working out to see that, if you want to reduce your emissions and enjoy the best fuel economy, LPG is the way to go.

With an economical small engined 1 litre car like a second hand Corsa, it's possible to get fuel economy as low at 7 [yes seven!] pence a mile on a motorway run!

See how much you can save on costs and emissions with these two calculators:

Drive LPG Savings Calculator

My LPG EU Savings Calculator

And with around 1400 LPG filling stations in the UK, you shouldn't have any trouble filling up your tank - and usually for less than £30! You can find your nearest LPG filling station here and there are several good apps for smartphones too - just search for 'LPG'.

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