The European Union has published legal requirements for the permitted levels of emissions in cities. To comply with these laws, Ultra Low Emission Zones are being introduced in cities across the United Kingdom in order to clean up our air and prevent tens of thousands of deaths each year. For Taxi & Private Hire drivers, it's a considerable expense, but a transition which must be undertaken in order to relieve our environment of airborne pollutants which are unseen but harm all of us.

The acceptable emissions standards, which are guaranteed until 2025, for licensed taxi or private hire vehicles, executive taxis & private hire vehicles, are:

  • Battery electric vehicle
  • Plug-in petrol hybrid electric vehicle (minimum Euro 4 standard: applies to new car approvals from 2005 and new registrations from 2006)
  • Full petrol hybrid vehicle (minimum Euro 4 standard: applies to new car approvals from 2005 and new registrations from 2006)
  • Vehicle (minimum Euro 4 standard: applies to new car approvals from 2005 and new registrations from 2006) retrofitted to run on liquid petroleum gas (subject to UKLPG accredited installs)
  • Hydrogen fuel cell

For most taxi & private hire drivers on a budget, only one of the above options is available - conversion to LPG. Fortunately, V8 Autogas can affordably convert your vehicle to run on LPG, even if it has a diesel engine

And very importantly, the emissions from your vehicle should be so low that they not only exceed minimum Euro 4 standard, but also meet the next level of standards. So if the law changes in 2025, you won't have any further disruption or expense.

LPG For Petrol Taxis & Private Hire Vehicles

V8 Autogas are Authorised Installers for AC Stag, which met the EURO 6 standard thanks to joint research carried out in Poland and Italy with a daughter company - AC Italy. Tests carried out in October 2016 at the Italian testing laboratory confirmed the compliance of the installation with this standard, which is confirmed by the type-approval granted on the Italian market.

LPG for Diesel Taxis & Private Hire Vehicles

STAG Diesel is an alternative fuelling system for 2-16 cylinder Diesel engines. The whole system has been based on modern technical solutions that allow the mixture of gas and air which later is  mixed with Diesel in the cylinder.  Installation of the STAG Diesel system does not prevent driving only on diesel, as the solution does not require interference with internal engine parts.

The controller is able to manage intelligently the dosing of both fuels to an engine while it is running, thanks to the readings of sensors:  exhaust temperature probe, knock sensor or oxygen sensor (lambda probe).

An advanced algorithm of sequential injection and the innovative system of auto-adaptation ensures the correct fuel ratios within the entire working range of the engine, therefore, the user can quickly observe significant economic benefits.

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