If you've invested in a classic car, you bought it to enjoy, and you will love to drive it. Similarly, cars are meant to be driven and, like humans, will suffer if they don't get enough 'exercise'. However, there are two sets of problems that will be familiar to most classic car owners..

The price of fuel usually has a large influence on the amount of mileage driven by classic car owners, especially for bigger engined cars like Jaguars, Bentleys, etc. Consequently, annual mileages are usually quite low for classics. Even so, going for a day's drive, let alone a tour of several days or a motoring holiday, will be an expensive event.

On the other hand, if the car isn't driven enough, other problems can arise. The car will go out of tune, which often goes unnoticed because it happens gradually over time. An off-tune engine really can waste a lot of fuel, and of course, re-tuning costs time and money. To tune an engine properly is time consuming, as it involves adjusting throttle and choke cables, checking the plugs and points, ignition timing, distributor wear, carburettor, etc. Sorting all that out can also be an expensive, and very much less enjoyable, event.

Happily, there is a solution to these circular problems though, which is where we at V8 Autogas come in. We can convert your beloved classic to run very efficiently and smoothly on LPG. So you can afford to enjoy your investment more often and it will run smoother and stay in tune better.

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